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Teaching Philosophy

The most important and imperative aspects of teaching are being able to provide fun and meaningful learning opportunities while creating positive relationships with students. When students are able to enjoy their learning material, they will develop a love for learning- which is the ultimate goal for a teacher!

I believe an effective teacher needs to be flexible and prepared for all types of situations and adjust their lessons and teaching style along the way. Teachers should motivate their students and provide opportunities for success through guidance and support. Subject matter should fit the learning styles of each individual student- it should be diverse and include material that challenges learners.


Parental involvement is a fundamental component of student success. When teachers and parents work together, the collaboration will result in student gains. Students will have a more positive outlook on learning when their parent/guardian takes an interest in their progress.


Blending social, emotional, cognitive and physical aspects into every day learning is important to me. By incorporating hands-on lessons that encourage students to be active learners they will better retain new concepts and information. Being able to use natural materials to learn with can to bring meaningful experiences to students.

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